Junta del Concilio Superior

Members are encouraged to attend the Concilio Superior meeting March 5th, 2022 at 10a.m. in Antonito, CO.  It will be held at our headquarters at 603 Main Street.   Use of masks is recommended.  

La junta del Concilio Superior se tomara lugar el sábado, día 5 marzo 2022, comenzando a las 10:00 de la mañana en la sala en Antonito, CO.  Uso de máscaras es recomendado.  

Please note:

Whereas the gym is too large to even begin to heat, the meeting will be held in the office space. While I will have heaters running, please dress warmly.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO BE WORN.  To the best of our ability, social distancing and other Covid Safe Practices will be enforced.  As you know, the space is relatively small and maximum capacity is about 15 – 20 persons.  If it some point it seems too crowded, we will limit entry to the meeting and prohibit entry by additional persons.

WEATHER  — If the weather is bad (snow), the meeting will be cancelled, likely at the last minute.  We need to keep everyone safe!  So, check your email the day before and even the morning of the meeting to make sure the meeting is not cancelled.  Use your best judgment.

Please contact us at spmdtuwebsite@gmail.com with any questions.