SPMDTU and Alamosa’s Desegregation Case

Until a few years ago, most people did not pay attention to a case that happened in Alamosa, Colorado in 1913. Thanks to the work of District Judge Martin Gonzales and others over the past few years, proper light is being given to a historic case that was supported by the SPMDTU.

The case involved a young boy named Miguel Antonio Maestas. His family tried to help him enroll in the local school, but he was told he’d have to enroll in the “Mexican school” instead.

The Catholic Church and the SPMDTU were notable contributors to the legal fund to advocate for the rights of families who wanted their children to attend whatever school made sense for that child or family.

This case became historic, especially as it happened long before desegregation was fought for elsewhere in the US.

Just this spring, Colorado State Senator Julie Gonzales introduced and helped to pass a resolution that honors the efforts of the SPMDTU and other organizations within the Latino community to advocate for students.

Please educate yourself about this important part in our culture’s, region’s, and organization’s history, as each of these articles are brief and share some light on the subject: